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Our horses are a very important component for providing our guests with a quality experience. They transport hunters, guides, and supplies into distant locations in search of game. They’re also very necessary for transporting harvested game back out. Three pack horses are required to pack the meat, cape, and antlers from one moose. All of our horses have been born and raised here in our guiding territory. We started our horse herd 28 years ago by selecting gentle, heavy boned, large hoofed mares with lots of fetlock hair, and we bred them to our solid stallion that had Percheron genetics. The result was very tough, moderate sized, heavy boned, large hoofed, gentle horses that are well suited to the mountains. We start training our colts at age three for riding, packing, and often for work in harness. They are well trained and have been on the trails for several years and for many miles before they are allowed to carry hunting guests that are inexperienced at riding.  Our horses have earned a reputation for being well trained, gentle, sound, and well suited for the wilderness northern mountains of British Columbia. You can relax and trust that the horse will get you there and back no matter what kind of terrain we encounter on the trail.

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