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Moose Valley
Your hunting adventure will begin at our hand built homestead; the “Legendary Moose Valley Ranch”!




  t    t  Our spacious octagon log lodge, located 220 miles from the nearest town, is also our year round home. Fireside chats and hunting stories, old and new, can be told while relaxing and enjoying the warmth of a fire in the massive stone fireplace. You’ll enjoy delicious home cooked meals served family style, hot showers in a wood heated shower house, and a family atmosphere while at our base camp. Each day a hearty lunch will be packed and carried in the saddlebags, or in your daypack, on the horse you’ll be riding.

Moose Valley Lodge



We generally don’t have over 4 guests in camp at any one time. You’ll sleep in a comfortable log cabin, with a wood stove for heat. We have pressurized running water at our base camp and produce our own electricity with a gravity fed micro hydro plant. The bathroom facilities at all camps are outhouses. 


Moose Valley guest cabins   


We have several camps strategically located throughout much of our guide territory with dry, clean, and comfortable log cabins. All of the cabins have bunks with mattresses and wood cook stoves and/or wood heater stoves. We generally do most of the hunting from one of our many camps. We usually return to the cabins at night, but occasionally we’ll camp out and sleep in a tent or under a tarp. 


  Cook cabin at Moose River Camp                     Guest cabin at Moose River Camp



Cook cabin at Big Meadow Camp                        Guest cabin at Big Meadow Camp



Headwaters Camp cabin                                         Avalanche Camp cabin



Campfire lunch                                                          Camping out

Moose Valley Outfitters
Northwest  British Columbia, Canada
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