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We again want to thank you for a hunting experience that surpassed our expectations. It was everything we hoped for and much more. It was much more than a hunt. It was the people (your family), the excellent food, the fireside chats, the comfortable cabins – that made for a total experience that we will always remember.  


Dick’s memorial service consisted of many pictures of your hunt. It was one of his fondest memories! We had a wonderful time.  




I guess I would never be totally happy with a T.V. show about hunting with you, they could never really show the splender of what I have been fortunate enough to experience while on the hunt I had with you. 




Mike and Landen had such a wonderful time. I'm not surprised since the Steffey hospitality is second to none. I know Mike is looking forward to returning next year. 




We just wanted to say thank you again for a great vacation. We can not stop talking about what a great time we had. 




I wanted to send this note to thank all of you for the wonderful hunting trip. I will never forget shooting my moose on the first day, the ride to my goat after Leaf spotted him from 3 miles away, and finding my caribou on the last day. Also, the food, it was truly great! 




Pete and I want to thank all of you for a very memorable hunt. You and your family made us feel right at home and that means so much when a person doesn’t know what to expect from an outfitter on the first hunt. You have an exceptional family who all pitch in and help make your outfitting business very successful.



Thanks again for the Great time, you guys are the best; and I mean that Ron. 





I can't tell you how GREAT of a time I had. Even though I'm short, can't walk fast, can't hear good, and I snore, I  still managed to have the BEST hunt I ever had!! I've been fortunate enough to go on 25 trips and this was the BEST; and not because I got 3 animals. After experiencing British Columbia I agree with your grandfather's brother:"takes your breath away"! I could not have asked for better food, better accommodations, better guides, better animals, better horses, nicer people, or anything. Thanks! 



This was my third hunt with Moose Valley Outfitters and all three have been GREAT! 




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